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初三英语试题 I like music that I can dance to


初三英语试题 I like music that I can dance to

Unit 6 I like music that I can dance to.

Section A

重要词组 sing along with, different kinds of, remind of, listen to, think of, prefer to

重点句型 I like music that I can dance to.

I like music that I can sing along with.


( ) 1. My sister is really a nice and warm-hearted nurse ________ looks after patients well.

A. who B. which C. whom

答案:A 这是一个定语从句,从句的先行词是指人,所以应该用 who。

( ) 2. There are always ________ people on the buses during the Spring Festival.

A. too much B. too many C. much too

答案:B many,much 都可以用来修饰名词。many 常用来修饰可数名词的复数形式,much 常用来修饰不可数名词,too用于 much 和 many 前表示强调。too 用来修饰形容词或副词,前面用 much 表示强调。

( ) 3. —What do you ________ the music?

—It sounds very beautiful.

A. think over B. think of C. think for

答案:B think of 意为“认为,着重”。think over 意为“仔细考虑”。

( ) 4. She likes musicians who sing the words ________.

A. clear B. clearly C. good

答案:B sing 是动词,故要用副词 clearly 来修饰。

( ) 5. That’s not really very important ________ me.

A. for B. of C. to

答案:C 表示某事对于某人重要应该用介词 to 。



—Oh,it’s very beautiful.

答案:What do you think of the picture?/How do you like the picture?


—I like dogs the best.

答案:What’s your favorite animal?/What animal do you like best?


8. She says that she prefers classical music to rock music. (变成同义句)

She says that she __________ classical music __________ than rock music.


9. Most children need to sleep at least eight hours each night. (变为特殊疑问句)

__________ __________ hours do most children need to sleep each night?

答案:How many

10. I listened to a CD called Heart Strings recently. (变为一般疑问句)

_________ _________ _________ to a CD called Heart Strings recently?

答案:Did you listen

11. Jim Green says that he likes the Moderns very much. (变为反意疑问句)

Jim Green says that he likes the Moderns very much, _________ _________?

答案:doesn’t he

12. They’ve already seen an exciting Indian film like that. (变为否定句)

They _________ _________ an exciting Indian film like that _________.

答案:haven’t seen,yet 在含有 already 的完成时句子变成一般疑问句时,应将 already 相应地变成 yet。


prefer, dislike, honest, suit, remind

13. She has to be _________ and say she likes English better than Chinese from now on.

答案:honest be 动词后接形容词构成系表结构。

14. My pen pal _________ quiet,traditional music. She doesn’t like pop music. It’s too noisy.

答案:prefers 一般现在时的句子主语是第三人称单数,谓语动词要和主语人称保持一致。

15. The little boy _________ him of his little brother. He loves him very much.


16. I _________ hamburgers! They make me overweight and I’ll have to do some morning exercise to keep slim.


17. I mean that black coat on the shelf _________ me just fine. I’ll take it without hesitation.


Section B

重要词组 look for, be sure, on display, come and go, lots of, can’t stand,go on vacation, have a great time, take care of , stay away from, be good for

重点句型 What kinds of music do you like?

It’s good to eat lots of fruit and vegetables.

I love to eat food that is healthy.


1. Do you p_________ to drink water when you are thirsty?

答案: prefer

2. Peter wants to stay h_________ but he thinks food that tastes good is bad for him.

答案: healthy

3. I think most people are in a_________ that fruit and vegetables are good for health.

答案: agreement

4. I’ve heard eating burnt food like this can i_________ the risk of cancer.

答案: increase

5. People who eat a b_________ diet should be healthier than those who eat biscuits and hamburgers.

答案: better

6. I like movies that have scary m_________.

答案: monsters

7. That’s not really i_________ to me. I like groups that can sing.

答案: important

8. What’s your f_________ group?

答案: favorite

9. Carmen likes musicians who play d_________ kinds of music.

答案: different

10. I’m not s_________ what to expect because I’ve never seen an Indian film.

答案: sure


11. I really like music that I can dance better than’that I can sing along with. ____________


答案:C 将 dance 改成 dance to。在表达伴随音乐而跳舞这个意思时需要后接介词 to 来表示动作行为的对象。

12. Lily Green don’t tike studying English at all. Her favorite subject is math. ____________


答案:A 将 don’t 改成 doesn’t。句子的主语是第三人称的单数形式,故谓语动词应该和其保持一致。

13. Some of the singers cannot sing the words clear. I don’t like them. ____________


答案:C 将 clear 改成 clearly。sing 是一个动词,故应用 clear 的副词形式 clearly 来修饰。

14. Li Lei dislikes movies that has scary monsters in them. They are too terrible. ____________


答案:B 将 has 改成 have。that 所引导的是一个定语从句,其先行词 movies 是可数名词的复数形式,故定语从句中的谓语动词应用 have。

15. Children are always given too many junk food to eat and do little exercise. ____________


答案:C 将 many 改成 much。junk food 是不可数名词,只能用 much 来修饰。


16. Many people love those famous __________ who can write and play their own music. (sing)

答案: singers

17. A good __________ can always try to play ail different kinds of music. (music)

答案: musician

18. I really want to know if you enjoyed __________ during the holiday. (you)

答案: yourself/yourselves

19. Amy Kim is well __________ in the world today. He’s so popular that we can’t forget him. (know)

答案: known

20. Would you please be kind enough to give me a good __________.(suggest)

答案: suggestion

21. I prefer __________ to singing. I think it’s much more interesting. (dance)

答案: dancing

22. Would you like to eat some __________ food? Don’t you think it’s very delicious? (Italy)

答案: Italian

23. The manager will be __________ with you if you make too many noises. (happy)

答案: unhappy

24. She’s still One of the most famous __________ in China. Almost everybody in China knows her quite well. (photograph)

答案: photographers

25. It is __________ for young children to eat junk food than to eat healthy food after all. (easy)

答案: easier


26. I love music that I can ____________________ (伴唱).

答案: sing along with

27. The photos ____________________ (使我记起) my old classmates.

答案: reminds me of

28. That’s ____________________ (对我而言并不重要).

答案: not important to me

29. Some of her best pictures are ____________________ (展出).

答案: on show

30. If you’re ____________________ (寻找乐趣),go and see a film.

答案: looking for fun

Self Check (时间120分钟,满分100分)


( ) 1. —Wish you a good holiday in Hainan Island during the Spring Festival.


A. Yes,I will. B. Don’t worry,I’ll be OK.

C. Thank you. Bye. D. That’s all right.

答案:C 在接受对方的祝福时要向对方表示谢意。

( ) 2. He was the man ________ I saw last night. I’m quite sure about that.

A. what B. that C. whom D. which

答案:C 本句是一个定语从句,从句的先行词指的是人,且先行词在从句中作的是动词 see 的宾语,故连词应该用 whom。

( ) 3. All the farmers are busy ________ the autumn harvest. They look very happy.

A. on B. with C. in D. for

答案:B 本题考的是形容词busy和介词的使用搭配。be busy(in) 后接动词的-ing形式,be busy with 后接名词或代词,意为忙于做某事。

( ) 4. —You needn’t worry about me. I’ll ________ myself while I’m away.

—I hope so.

A. look over B. look after C. look for D. look through

答案:B look after 意为照顾、照料;look over 意为检查,察看病情;look for 意为寻找,表示找的动作过程;look through 意为透过……看。

( ) 5. —Don’t you think the dress ________ she is wearing looks beautiful?

—Yes,I do. It’s really as you said.

A. which B. who C. when D. what

答案:A 定语从句的先行词 the dress 指的是物,故应用连词 which。

( ) 6. She finished the work ________ as soon as possible. She felt very tired.

A. succeed B. success C. successful D. successfully

答案:D finish 是动词,要用副词来修饰。

( ) 7. —What were you doing at that time?

—I was ________ the weather report.

A. hearing B. watching C. listening to D. seeing

答案:C hear 和 listen to 都有“听”的意思。hear 意为听到,侧重于表示听的结果;listen to 意为听,侧重于表示听的动作过程。

( ) 8. —How much do you ________ English?

—Only a little. I ________ English for only three years.

A. know; learnt B. know about; have learnt

C. learn; know about D. learn about; have known

答案:B know 意为懂得、认识;know about 意为了解、知道,表示通过学习或查访而对某件事物达到认知的目的。learn 意为学习,认识到;learn about 意为了解。

( ) 9. —How are you getting on with your English?

—I’m not ________ at learning languages. But I’ll ________ to study it well.

A. good; try my best B. bad; try best

C. good; try his best D. bad; try

答案:A be good at 意为擅长于做某事,at 是介词,后接名词、代词或动词的-ing形式。try one’s best to do sth 意为某人尽力去做某事。

( ) 10. You’d better not ________ too much junk food,it’s bad for your

A. have; healthy B. eat; health

C. take; health D. eat; healthy

答案:B eat,have 和 take 都有“吃”的意思。吃东西和喝汤都可以用 eat 来表示;一日三餐常用 have;吃药习惯上用 take。


John likes to climb trees. He often climbs trees instead of 11 his homework. It was late and John still hadn’t come home from school. His mother went looking 12 him. “Jo-o-o-hn!”she 13 . Finally John answered, “I’m up here studying the birds. ”His mother 14 her finger at him and said,“You come down right now. Birds aren’t 15 you should be Studying. You need to do your homework.”

( ) 11. A. do B. to do C. doing D. did

答案:C instead of 意为取代,of 为介词,后接名词、代词或动词的-ing形式。

( ) 12. A. after B. for C. over D. at


( ) 13. A. smiled B. shouts C. crying D. called


( ) 14. A. looked B. threw C. shoot D. pointed

答案:D throw at 意为将……扔向……;shoot at 意为向……瞄准;point at 意为指向……。

( ) 15. A. that B. what C. where D. which



It doesn’t matter when or how much a person sleeps,but everyone needs some rest to stay alive. That’s 16 all doctors thought, until they heard about AL Herpin. AL Herpin, it was said,never slept. Could this be 17 ? The doctors decided to see this 18 man themselves. AL Herpin was 90 years old when the doctors went to his home in New Jersey. They thought for 19 that he got some sleep of 20 . So they stayed with him and watched every movement(行为) he 21 . But they were 22 23 they watched him hour after hour and day after day,they never saw Herpin 24 . In fact,he did not even 25 a bed. He never needed one.

The only 26 that Herpin sometimes got was sitting in a comfortable chair and reading newspapers. The doctors were 27 by this strange continuous (不断) sleeplessness. They asked him many questions, 28 to find an answer. They found only one answer that might explain(解释) his condition(状况). Herpin 29 some talk about his mother having been ill several days before he was born. Was this the 30 reason? No one could be sure.

( ) 16. A. that B. what C. why D. how

答案:B what 在此处表示出了所有医生的共同想法。

( ) 17. A. true B. right C. OK D. wrong


( ) 18. A. usual B. happy C. sad D. strange


( ) 19. A. sure B. while C. moment D. result

答案:A think for sure 意为想当然,确信。

( ) 20. A. sometime B. some time C. sometimes D. some times

答案:A sometime 意为某时,常用于将来时态;some time 意为一段时间,是 some 修饰不可数名词 time(时间)的用法;sometimes 意为有时,常用于一般现在时或一般过去时;some times 意为几次,是 some 修饰可数名词复数 times(次数)的用法。

( ) 21. A. had B. did C. made D. got


( ) 22. A. pleased B. surprised C. useful D. busy


( ) 23. A. Though B. Because C. If D. Since

答案:A though 意为尽管,常用来引导让步状语从句,不与 but 连用。

( ) 24. A. sitting B. standing C. eating D. sleeping


( ) 25. A. make B. own C. keep D. stay

答案:B 表示拥有、所有关系要用动词 own。

( ) 26. A. rest B. way C. pleasure D. sleep


( ) 27. A. interested B. puzzled C. surprised D. tired

答案:B 本题用 puzzled 而不用 surprised 主要是因为文章后面谈到科学家试图找到造成 Herpin 不眠的原因。

( ) 28. A. helping B. beginning C. afraid D. hoping

答案:D hoping 在本句中是现在分词做伴随状语,表示目的。

( ) 29. A. forgot B. remembered C. answered D. showed


( ) 30. A. only B. known C. real D. good




Mr Young had his own job and worked very hard. His wife was afraid that he would be ill if he did like that, so she often tried to get him to take a holiday. At last she got him to do this, but she was afraid that he might not be able to enjoy his holiday quietly, so before they left, Mrs Young went to see her husband’s boss. She said to her, “My husband needs a holiday very much, so please don’t trouble him with letters or telephones about job problems while we are away. Just wait until we get back.”

After Mr and Mrs Young had been away for a week, Mr Young got a letter from his boss. It said: “Something bad has happened to your job,but I’m not going to trouble you with it now while you are enjoying your holiday.”

( ) 31. Mrs Young worried about that her husband __________.

A. would lose his job B. couldn’t do his work hard

C. couldn’t have a holiday D. would be in poor health


( ) 32. She wanted __________.

A. to work instead of her husband B. to get her husband to take a holiday

C. to get her husband to take a rest D. to get her husband back home

答案:B 选项B、C中,take a holiday 与 take a rest 在意思上还是有区别的;前者意为度假,后者意为休息,而且选项B在意思上更忠实于原文。

( ) 33. Before they left Mrs Young herself __________.

A. wrote a letter to her husband’s office B. sent a message to her husband’s boss

C. had a talk with her husband’s boss D. telephone her husband’s boss


( ) 34. Mrs Young asked the boss __________.

A. not to do anything to trouble them B. not to write to her husband

C. not to telephone her husband D. to have a holiday with them


( ) 35. The letter meant __________ for Mr Young.

A. something interesting B. something important

C. something serious D. nothing else

答案:C 从文中我们可以判断这封信是告知 Mr Young被解雇一事,所以说这对于 Mr Young 来说是很严重的一件事。


Tom was a poor boy. He made a living by cleaning shoes for others in the street. Tom was also a clever boy. One day a very rich man, Mr Miser, came to Tom. He watched his dirty shoes for a moment, and then looked at Tom. Tom knew this kind of people well. they love moneyvery much and don’t want to spend it.

Tom said,“Let me clean your shoes, sir.”

“For nothing?”the rich man asked.

“Only two pence, sir.”

Mr Miser shook his head and then walked away.

Tom thought for a second and then called out,“I’d like to clean it for nothing !”This time Mr Miser agreed. And soon one of his shoes was shining brightly.

When the rich man put his other shoe down,Tom said he wouldn’t clean it for him unless he was paid two pence for his work. Mr Miser was very angry. He refused to pay anything and went away, with a smile on his face.

But his well-cleaned shoe was so bright that it made the other look worse. Mr Miser took a look around. The people in the street were laughing at him. He couldn’t walk any farther.

Then the rich man had to return and give Tom two pence. In a very short time his two shoes shone brightly.

( ) 36. This story happened __________.

A. in a shoe shop B. in the street

C. in the rich man’s house D. near the boy’s home


( ) 37. The boy ag’reed to clean one shoe for nothing because __________.

A. he was afraid of the rich man B. he liked to clean shoes for rich men

C. he wanted to please the rich man D. he was sure to get the money from the rich man

答案:D 从文中我们可知 Tom 是经过一番考虑后才答应给 Mr Miser 擦皮鞋的,这充分说明他已经有把握向 Mr Miser 索取自己的酬劳。

( ) 38. When the rich man saw the poor boy,he __________.

A. didn’t want to have his shoes cleaned

B. wanted to give the boy some money

C. wanted to have his shoes cleaned without paying for it

D. wanted to have his shoes cleaned with less money


( ) 39. The rich man __________ with only one shoe cleaned first.

A. was angry B. was worried C. was sorry D. didn’t mind

答案:D Mr Miser 擦完第一只鞋时是脸上带着微笑离开的,这说明他开始时并不介意只擦了一只鞋。

( ) 40. From this story we know that __________.

A. the rich man didn’t have enough money on him

B. the boy was clever enough to have his work paid

C. the rich man had his shoes cleaned for nothing

D. the rich man saved two pence



John was a farmer. He liked to grow flowers in his garden when he was free. One Sunday morning after breakfast he put on his old clothes and began digging in his garden at eight. He dug and dug. Half an hour later he suddenly found a coin near his foot. He was very glad. He put it in his right pocket. A few minutes later,he found another one. He picked it up and put it in the same pocket. The same thing happened for the third, the fourth and the fifth time... He was very glad and told his wife about it. She was very glad, too. She said,“A thief took away a lot of coins from a shop a few days ago. The polic caught him but they didn’t find any coins.” Then John went on digging some more coins, but just when he began to dig, he felt something cold in his trousers. It ran down one of his legs. He put his hand down quickly—and the coin came into his hand. Now he knew there was a hole in his pocket.

( ) 41. There was some __________ in John’s garden.

A. flowers B. coins C. trees D. farmers


( ) 42. John found a coin in his garden __________.

A. at 8:00 B. between 8:20 and 9:20

C. at 9:20 D. at 10:00

答案:B John 是早上8点开始工作的半小时后发现硬币,时间正好是8:30,选项中只有B包含有这段时间。

( ) 43. John told his wife that __________.

A. the police caught a thief B. he found money in his garden

C. someone took the coins of shop D. he lost his money in his garden


( ) 44. There was a hole in __________.

A. his coat B. his left pocket C. his right pocket D. his garden


( ) 45. John dug out __________ in his garden.

A. five coins B. many coins C. no coin D. only one coin

答案:D 文中自始至终都只有一枚硬币,后来发现的都是 John 放进口袋里又掉到地上的。


Children’s schooling is changing very fast today. In the past,teachers k 46 children sitting still for hours. They made them memorize d 47 kinds of things. In other w 48 , the children had to go on repeating things until they knew them “by heart”. Today,many teachers want to know if it is p 49 to make children learn at all. They say you can o 50 help them learn. They say you must let children learn and find out things for t 51 .

But for these children,school is a kind of prison(监狱). They are there only because their p 52 make them go. They get out of the classroom as soon as the teacher lets them l 53 . Many of them want to find work. But the law will not let them work until they reach a certain a 54 . And so they have to stay in school. Often they do not learn any thing at all and h 55 every moment.

46. k_________ 47. d_________ 48. w_________ 49. p_________ 50. o_________

51. t_________ 52. p_________ 53. l_________ 54. a_________ 55. h_________

46.答案:kept keep doing sth 意为让某人保持某种状态不变。


48.答案:words in other words 意为换句话说。



51.答案:themselves 文中说明是让他们自己探究,故用反身代词的复数形式。

52.答案: parents

53.答案: leave

54.答案: age

55.答案: hate


请以My favorite water sport为题,用英语写一篇短文,并请讲明自己喜欢这项水上运动的原因。








答案: One possible version

Among water sports, swimming is my favorite. There are two reasons. First, swimming can build my body. I go swimming once a week to keep myself fit. Second, swimming is an easy exercise. It is easy to learn how to swim and easy to find a place to do it.

I go swimming almost every day each summer. Sometimes if it is fine in spring and autumn, I’ll be very happy and go swimming with some friends, too. Winter is always very cold,so it’s not easy to find a good place for swimming. But still I can swim in a small swimming pool indoors.












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