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初三英语试题 Have you packed yet


初三英语试题 Have you packed yet

●Word recycling and grammar reviewing (旧词循环和语法复习)

Ⅰ. Complete the sentence according to the sentence meaning and tip.


1. Hangzhou is a city of great _______ (美丽).

2. They can make shoes with the _______ (皮) of animals.

3. I won't tell her the _______ (真相).She will be angry.

4. We use the toothbrush and t     to clean our teeth.

5. Customers will feel u     when they know the restaurant is very dirty.

6. The students c     me by asking so many questions.

答案:1.beauty 2.skin 3.truth 4.toothpaste 5.uncomfortable6. confused

Ⅱ. Complete the sentence with the proper verb form. (用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空。)

1. I often see him _______ (play) basketball on the playground.

2. Listen! I hear somebody _______ (sing) in the next room.

3. He asks us _______ (clean) the classroom after school.

4. The teacher made us _______ (stay) in the classroom.

5. Why are they made _______ (stand) outside the fast food restaurant?

6. He is a good boy.Don't let bad companions _______ (lead) him.

答案:1.playing see sb.doing sth.“看见某人正在做某事”。

2.singing hear sb.doing sth.“听见某人正在做某事”。

3.to clean ask sb.to do sth.“要求某人做某事”。

4.stay make sb.do sth.“让某人做某事”。

5.to stand 使役动词make后跟不定式作宾补,要省去to,但用于被动语态时,要带上to。

6.lead let sb.do sth.“让某人做某事”。

Ⅲ. Match the proper sentence. (用线将下列两栏连接起来,组成适当的句子。)

1. The soft music       A. advertisement about that new mobile phone?

2. Many people feel hungry  B. makes people want to leave after a while.

3. Loud music in a restaurant  C. feel relaxed.

4. Do you believe the  D. made her sleepy.

5. soft music makes me E. in a restaurant with red walls and furniture.

答案:1.D 2.E 3.B 4.A 5.C

●Preparation for new lessons(新课预习)

Ⅳ.Draw lines to match the English words with right explanations.


1. refrigerator       A.a bag for putting clothes in when you travel

2. farm B.a thick soft cloth for drying things

3. village C.washing the whole body

4. appear D.a machine for keeping food cold and fresh

5. government E.a countryside where many people live,smaller than a town 

6. suitcase F.to be seen;to come into view

7. bathing G.group of people who rule a country 

8. towel H.land and buildings where people grow food or keep animals

答案:1.D 2.H 3.E 4.F 5.G 6.A 7.C 8.B

Ⅴ. Find the Chinese meaning of each phrase. (找出每个短语的汉语意思。)

1. clean out A.期待;盼望

2. turn off B.多亏了;幸亏

3. thousands of C.清除;打扫干净

4. so far D.将来;某一日

5. go for walks E.数千的;成千上万的

6. look forward to F.去散步

7. thanks to G.到目前为止

8. some day H.关掉;关闭

答案:1.C 2.H 3.E 4.G 5.F 6.A 7.B 8.D

Ⅵ.Read 3a in Section A and write down what Crystal does and what his grandfather did when he was a kid.(阅读3a,选出Crystal要做的事情与他祖父小时候做的事情。)

Things Crystal does Things Crystal's grandfather did

doing his homework, chopping wood,

答案:Things Crystal does: doing his homework, taking the dog for a walk,watering plants,doing some shopping

Things Crystal's grandfather did: chopping wood, lighting the fire for breakfast, collecting water from well, feeding the animals



●Exercises for new words(生词专练)

Ⅰ. Complete the sentence according to the sentence meaning and tip.


1. If you want to keep food or fruit fresh in hot weather,you'd better put them in a r   .

2. I can't go out to play football with you.I have so many c    to do this afternoon.

3. It's so dry.You must w    the flowers every day.

4. At night,he often puts his car into the g    to keep safe.

5. After you wash your face,you should wipe it with a t   .

6. The _______ (村民) are very angry about the plans to close their local school.

7. —Have you got a _______ (指南) to Jiuzhaigou?

—Not yet.

8. Please put your camera in the _______ (手提箱).

9. Xiamen is one of the biggest cities in _______ (南方的) China.

10. What the country needs is a really strong _______ (政府).

答案:1.refrigerator 2.chores 3.water 4.garage 5.towel 6.villagers 7.guidebook 8.suitcase 9.southern 10.government

Ⅱ.Choose the best word and use its proper form to fill in the blank.


ocean step wood clean bath well light overseas ancestor root

1. When the traffic _______ turn green, you can go.

2. You have to wear a _______ suit when you are swimming in the swimming pool.

3. China is the place where his _______ lived.

4. Tom's mother was busy yesterday.She spent all day cooking and _______.

5. He walked with a quick light _______.

6. Our beach house is just a few miles from the _______.

7. When he was a kid, he had to get up at 5 am and chop some _______ for the fire.

8. Many young students enjoy the _______ summer camp now.

9. Love of money is the _______ of all evil (丑恶).

10. Every day we pump water from a _______.

答案:1.lights 2.bathing 3.ancestors 4.cleaning5.step6.ocean 7.wood 8.overseas9.root 10. well

●Exercises for phrases(短语专练)

Ⅲ.Choose the best phrase to fill in the blank. (用下列词组的适当形式填空。)

look forward to go for walks be off so far thousands of turn off thanks to clean out wear out in search of

1. Mr.Green and Mrs.Green often _______ in the park after dinner.

2. He _______ his bedroom.It's clean now.

3. There are _______ children playing in the zoo on Children's Day.

4. We have learned Unit 11 _______.

5. _______ the old man, or we can't find the lost dog.

6. The boy _______ seeing his mother now.He misses her very much.

7. Robert came to China _______ his roots last year.

8. I have a lot of chores to do.I must _______ now.

9. The baby is sleeping now.You'd better _______ the radio.

10. My leather tennis shoes are _______.I want to buy a new pair.

答案:1.go for walks 2.has cleaned out 3.thousands of 4.so far 5.Thanks to 6.is looking forward to 7.in search of 8.be off 9.turn off 10. worn out

Ⅳ. Complete the sentence according to the Chinese. (根据汉语提示,完成下列句子。)

1. 到目前为止,他写了许多独创的歌曲。

So far, he has written ______________.

2. 这场音乐会在芝加哥曾轰动一时。

The concert ______________ in Chicago.

3. 刘德华是《天下无贼》的男主角之一。

Andy Lau is one of the ______________ in the film A World Without Thieves.

4. 今天她要去上海,我将为她送行。

She is off to Shanghai today.I'll ______________.

5. 刘欢是音乐界的顶尖人物。

Liu Huan is a top man ______________.

答案:1.lots of original songs 2.was quite a hit 3.lead actors 4.see her off 5. on the music scene

●Exercises for sentence structure(句子结构专练)

Ⅴ.Rewrite the sentence as required. (按要求改写句子。)

1. They've already bought a new computer.(改为否定句)

They _______ bought a new computer _______.

2. Anna's already got the mail from the mail-box.(改为一般疑问句)

_______ Anna got the mail from the mail-box _______?

3. He borrowed the book from the library ten days ago.(改为同义句)

He _______ _______ the library book _______ ten days.

4. The man has stayed here for two hours.(对画线部分提问)

_______ _______ has the man stayed here?

5. They will be back in three weeks.(对画线部分提问)

_______ _______ will they be back?

6. Wang Lin goes to America once a year.(对画线部分提问)

_______ _______ does Wang Lin go to America?

7. The Greens have been in China for three years.(改为同义句)

The Greens _______ _______ China three years ago.

_______ _______ three years _______ the Greens came to China.

Three years _______ _______ since the Greens came to China.

答案:1.haven't;yet 2.Has;yet 3.has kept; for 4.How long 5.How soon 6.How often 7.came to; It is, since; has passed

Ⅵ. Complete the sentence according to the Chinese meaning. (根据汉语意思完成句子。)

1. 汤姆几乎不会说汉语。

Tom _______ _______ speak Chinese.

2. 他已经参观了他的祖先居住的地方。

He's already visited _______ _______ _______ his ancestors lived.

3. 在最近的两个星期,他们走访了很多老人。

_______ _______ _______ two weeks, they _______ _______ many old people.

4. 在我走之前,我应该和爷爷告别。

Before I went, I should _______ _______ _______ grandpa.

5. 他的文章登在昨天的报纸上。

His article _______ _______ yesterday's newspaper.

6. 到目前为止,他已经捐赠了数百万美元给“希望工程”。

_______ _______, he has given away _______ _______ _______ to Hope Project.

答案:1.can hardly 2.the place where 3.In the last; have visited 4.say goodbye to 5.appeared in 6.So far; millions of dollars
●Exercises for function items(交际用语专练)

Ⅶ. Complete the conversation with the proper sentence. (选用适当的句子补全对话。)

A.I think we are almost ready. B.No.I haven't cleaned out the refrigerator yet.

C.Not yet.D.What about your bike? E.But I haven't locked the garage yet.

A: Mother and father are going to leave in ten minutes.Are you ready, Tina?

B:  1  I have to do that right now.

A: Tina,you are an unbeliever. 2 

B: I have already put it in the garage. 3  That's your job,Mark.

A: Have you fed the cat yet?

B:  4  I'll do it in a minute.Have you turned off the TV?

A: Yes,I have. 5 

答案:1.B 2.D 3.E 4.C 5.A

Ⅷ. Complete the conversation with right words. (在横线上填入适当的词,完成对话。)

Tom: Jane,have you done your homework  1 ?Mum will come in an hour.

Jane: I have done some of them.

Tom: Have you packed your chores together?

Jane: Yes,I have.And I also have cleaned out my bedroom.How  2  you?

Tom: I have  3  done my homework,but I  4  cleaned my room.Can you give me a hand?

Jane: Never.You had better do it by yourself.

Tom: You  5  to take care of me,because I am your little brother.

Jane: It is up to you.You have troubled me so many times.

Tom: OK.I will help myself, my good sister.


答案:1.yet 2.about 3.already 4.haven't 5.have

●Exercises for grammar(语法专练)

Ⅸ. Fill in the blank with the proper form of the verb given. (用所给动词的适当形式填空。)

1. I _______ (pack) the beach towels already.

2. Tina _______ (have) the bike for about five years.

3. You can consider _______ (give) him a beautiful flower instead.

4. The poor child looked forward to _______ (go) to school.

5. _______ (visit) their ancestors' villages is one of the highlights of the journey.

6. The famous film stars _______ (appear) on CCTV next month.

7. They went to China _______ (see) the Great Wall last spring.

8. The students think understanding their roots _______ (help) them understand themselves.

9. —Where is Tina and Amy?

—They _______ (go) to the readingroom.

10. —When _______ you _______ (visit) the Summer Palace?

—Last month.

答案:1.have packed 由already提示可判断,这里用现在完成时。

2.has had  由for about five years 可知,这里用现在完成时。

3.giving 动词consider后面跟动词ing形式作宾语。

4.going 词组look forward to中的to是介词,后面应跟动词ing形式作宾语。

5.To visit/Visiting 不定式或动名词都可以作主语。

6.will appear 时间状语是next month,谓语动词用一般将来时。

7.to see 这里是不定式作目的状语。

8.helps 主语是动名词短语understanding their roots,谓语动词应用第三人称单数形式。

9.have gone 表示“去了某地”用have gone。

10.did,visit 由后面的时间状语可判断,这里用一般过去时。

Ⅹ.Correct the mistakes (改错)

1. Last summer Susan Brim came to China see her grandfather's grave.


2. The girl can hardly read the book written by Bai Lun, can't she?


3. The radio is too noisy. Could you please turn down it?


4. The girl told me that she has never been to Beijing.


5. Yesterday my friend from Japan called me and say he would have a trip to China.


答案:1.C see→to see 不定式作目的状语。

2.D can't→can 陈述句中有否定副词hardly,所以这里应用表示肯定的can。

3.D turn down it→turn it down 因为turn down是动副词组,代词作宾语放中间。

4.B has→had 主句中用了told,所以这里应用过去完成时。

5.C say→said 并列谓语的时态要一致。



●Elementary exercises(基础题)

Ⅰ.Multiple choice(单项选择) 

1. —Have you watered the flowers today?

—Not _______.I'm sorry.

A.already       B.yet        C.still       D.either

答案:B yet用于否定句,already常用于肯定句。

2. This year the Spring Festival is _______ February 9. 

A.at   B.in  C.on   D.about

答案:C 在具体的某一天的前面用介词on。

3. Now it's your turn _______ the blackboard.

A.clean  B.cleaning

C.cleaned  D.to clean

答案:D It's one's turn to do sth.“该轮到某人做某事了”。为常用句型。

4. The train _______ here for ten minutes already.

A.has been  B.has come

C.has stopped  D.has gone

答案:A for ten minutes 表示的是一段时间,come,go,stop都为瞬间动词,不能与表示“段”的时间状语连用。

5. —How much does your computer _______?

—About 5000 yuan.

A.spend  B.pay C.cost  D.take

答案:C spend,pay的主语常为“人”,computer为“物”,故排除A、B两项。由物作主语时,表示“花费钱”常用动词cost。

Ⅱ. Look at the picture and match the sentence with the proper picture.


1. I've bought a new skirt.It only cost $5.

2. I've broken my glasses.I have to mend them quickly.

3. I've passed my exam.I have passed 98 out of 100!

4. I've found a new job.I got the news in a paper.

5. I've been to the dentist's.I had bad feelings.

答案:1.E 2.D 3.B 4.A 5.C

Ⅲ. Complete the English sentence according to the Chinese given.


1. 那个老人以卖菜为生。

The old man _______ selling vegetables.

2. 牛以草为食。

Cows _______ chiefly _______ grass.

3. 路面太滑,提防滑倒!

The road is smooth.Please ______________!

4. 我已经读完了这本书的一部分。

I have finished reading _______ this book.

5. 这个男孩绕过拐角就不见了。

The little boy _______ around the corner.

答案:1.lives on 2.feed;on 3.take care/be careful/look out 4.part of 5.disappeared

●Integrated exercises(综合题)

Ⅳ.Reading comprehension(阅读理解)

Have you ever wondered what kinds of music young people across the United States are listening to? Are they crazy about Britney Spears?Do they love the Backstreet Boys?Or do they dance with Eminem?

Well, nearly 6000 teens have taken part in a Teen & Music survey, made by USA Weekend Magazine last autumn.And the result showed what types of music are hot and what are not.

It comes without surprise that hiphop and rap are the most popular types of music among American teenagers.They began in the mid1970s with young black kids in New York,taking music onto the streets.Hiphop and rap are well known for the breakdancing that goes with them.

The word “rap” comes from a slang word.It is a rapid rhyme that is spoken rather than sung.

Pop music,such as Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys,has always met the tastes of the general public.It continues to enjoy support from teens and is the second most popular music after hip-hop and rap.

The third is rock music with exciting dance beats and simple lyrics that speak loudly of social problems.The melodies are led by electric guitars.Rock became popular in the US in the early 1950s.The American singer Elvis Presley and British group the Beatles became world famous rock artists.

The survey also showed that jazz is least loved by American teens.It developed in the later part of the 19th century from a mixture of African work songs and hymns.Jazz tends to be the type of music that people enjoy more as they get older.


1. The Teen & Music survey was made by _______.



C.USA Weekend Magazine

D.Backstreet Boys

2. American teenagers like _______ best.

A.hiphop and rap B.pop music

C.rock music D.jazz

3. Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys belong to _______.

A.pop music B.hiphop C.rock music D.jazz

4. In the later part of the 19th century _______ developed.

A.rap B.jazz

C.the Beatles D.the electric guitar

5. This passage mentions at least _______ kinds of music in America.

A.three B.four C.five D.six

答案:1.C 从句子“...,made by USA Weekend Magazine”中可以找到本题答案为C项。

2.A 从句子“hiphop and rap are the most popular types of music among American teenagers.”可以看出,美国的年轻人最喜欢hip-hop and rap。

3.A 根据句子“Pop music, such as Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys”可以判断Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys 属于pop music。

4.B 根据句子“It developed in the later part of the 19th century”可以判断本题答案为B项。

5.B 本文提到了pop music,hip-hop,rock music和jazz四种。



1. 你很喜欢这个节目,特别(especially)是英语歌曲。

2. 你学习很忙,疲劳时,会打开收音机听这个节目。

3. 从英语节目里你学到了……

4. 你最喜欢……

英文提示:my name,a middle school student,like,listen to,programme,especially,busy with,tired


No.28 Middle School


April 22,2010

Dear Sir,

Yours sincerely,

Li Ming


No.28 Middle School


April 22, 2010

Dear Sir,

My name is Li Ming.I'm a middle school student.I like listening to music,so I often listen to your music programme.I like the programme very much,especially the English songs.

As a student, I'm busy with my studies.When I feel tired,I will turn on the radio and listen to your programme.I've also learned many English words from these songs.

Of all the English songs,I like “My Heart Will Go On” best.Would you please send me the words of the song?

Yours sincerely,

Li Ming

●Link to test(模拟链接)

Ⅵ.Multiple choice(单项选择)

1. (2010浙江温州模拟)

—Do you want to see the film “Harry Potter Ⅱ”?

—The film “Harry Potter Ⅱ”? I _______ it.It's really wonderful.

A.see B.have seen C.was seen D.had seen

答案:B 由句子“It's really wonderful.”可判断“已经看过”,用现在完成时。

2. (2010浙江温州模拟)—The radio is too noisy. _______, please.

—All right.I'll do it.

A.Turn it off B.Turn it on C.Open it D.Close it

答案:A 因为“太吵”,应“关上”,用turn off。

3. (2010广东广州模拟)Yesterday it rained heavily when school was over. We _______ stay in our classroom.

A.should B.must C.had to

答案:C have to意为“不得不”,表示客观要求。本句意思为“昨天放学时下大雨,我们不得不待在教室里”。

4. (2010天津模拟)—Have you mended your shoes, Bob?

—Yes, I _______ them twenty minutes ago.

A.have mended B.mend C.had mended D.mended

答案:D twenty minutes ago是表示过去的时间状语,谓语动词应用一般过去时表示。

5. (2010江苏徐州模拟)Thanks _______ the Great Green Wall,the land produces more crops.

A.by B.of C.for D.to

答案:D thanks to“多亏;由于”;thanks for“因为……而感谢”。












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